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Keisha Trading (S) Pte Ltd is established with the focus on serving the AIRLINES CATERERS in the ASIAN REGION. Philip Ho has been in the food service business for 35 years (25 years mainly serving the Airlines Caterers). He has extensive contacts with manufacturers from Europe, U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, China etc).

Having traveled extensively, he understands and blends in perfectly to the culture from different nationalities and is perfectly suited to recommend products of satisfaction.

KEISHA’s main forte is sourcing for food products that require minimum preparation in the kitchen. Examples of such products are the frozen vegetables (carrots sliced, diced, strips, cut baby carrot, broccoli florets, leaf spinach portion,, etc.) which are blanched and blast freeze and frozen meals.
No more preparation in the kitchen-straight from the freezer to the setting tray. Other products (pastry, bakery, egg, portion control) with MINIMUM PREPARATION will be featured in the following pages.

KEISHA’s total commitment to the AIRLINES CATERERS is to satisfy the discerning and demanding airline passengers on-board.