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To complete our range of products are the range of canned groceries and other Food products namely:

  1. Canned Fruit – Mango Slices, Lychees, Peaches, Apricot, etc.
  2. Canned Vegetables – Baby Corn, Gherkins, etc.
  3. Powder Soup – Asparagus, Chicken, Mushroom, etc.
  4. Taste Enhancer – Chicken Booster
  5. Powder Sauces – Demi-glace, Brown Sauce, etc.
  6. Rice – ‘Hom Mali’ (Fragrant), Basmati, White Rice
  7. Food Ingredients – Spices, Herbs, Seasonings
  8. Mushroom – Button, Shitake and many others
  9. Tuna Chunks in Oil/Brine
  10. Vegetable Oil for Cooking
  11. Mineral Water