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We rely on the best quality of fine pastry and bakery ingredients producer from Europe. Most of the producers have achieved the  international requirements of certification including Halal and Kosher Standard.
Products range includes:

  1. Fresh cream stabilizer and mousse.
  2. Flavourings compounds – Dessert Paste and Essence.
  3. Mixes-Sponge, Swiss roll, Muffins, Sacher, Brownies, etc.
  4. Creams and Fillings – Chocolate Cream, Nugotine, Almond, etc.
  5. Coatings and Glazes – Chocolate and Gel.
  6. Jellying and Binding Agents.
  7. Decorations – Chocolate, transfer sheet/images.
  8. Multi Grain bakery mixes – Assortment of mixes.
  9. Bread lmprover.
  10. Frozen Dough – Soft roll, Farmers roll, Croissants, Puff Pastry, etc.

Our semi-finished ingredients/blend as listed above, assist the Airlines Catering Chef with innovative ideas. The application of the products are designed for Airline Caterers production kitchen, easy to follow steps, resulting in a high quality European finished products. An added advantage will be the savings on labour cost.

Call us for discussion and demonstration of the products of interest.