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Our frozen vegetables/pasta are produced by the top vegetable processors in Europe & China. Having mentioned it in our company profile of its convenience in preparation straight from freezer onto setting tray. The product have been blanched in the production process.

The range of portioned and "blanched" products are as follows:

-Beans cut
-Sliced Beans
-Broccoli Florets
-Baby Carrot Cut
-Carrot Strips
-Carrot Sliced (straight-cut)
-Celeriac Strips
-Green Celery Cut
-Green Pepper Sliced
-Red Pepper sliced
-Leaf Spinach Portion
-Yellow Pepper Sliced
-Frozen Pasta Trulli
-Frozen Pasta Spirelli

In addition, vegetable mixes with ready coated sauces are available for the final and integral part to a HOT MEAL.